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"I heard a rumour that Kor was in this Infirmary causing a disruption to your things. Do you require compensation?"

", sir."  Julian responded respectfully.  He had heard the Master was on the station, but hadn’t expected to see him.  "It was only a minor disruption." 

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Visit to the Infirmary


The doors to the Infirmary slid open, and Martok stumbled in, grinning happily despite the trail of blood he left behind him.


"Doctor!!" he yelled. "You fine, strong, sturdy man…!" He paused, reconsidering his words as he looked the slim human up and down. "…You… fine man! I require your assistance.”



Julian raised an eyebrow at the General’s appraisal as he hurried over to help the man over to an examination table.

"So what battle have you won this time, General," He asked. pulling out his tricorder and scanning the General..  It was possible that it was simply a holosuite battle - the Klingons liked to turn the safety off - but it was also possible that there was an actual fight, in which case he should be prepared to see the other guy.  Martok’s good mood seemed to imply at least that he had had been victorious.

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((I would like to make an open apology to anyone who sent me a message in the last month.  I would log in, see no number above my askbox image and assume no one had talked to me.  Today I decided to click on it anyway, because I had an old message with dates on it for a timeline and found out I had about five messages from various people over the course of the month that it had never told me about.

I’ll get to those today.  I’m sorry for the delayed responces.))

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gnrlmartok: "DOCTOR!! qoSlIj DatIvjaj!" Martok shoved a bottle of bloodwine at the Doctor. "That's Klingon for, may you enjoy your birthday!" A couple of days late perhaps, but he'd been busy. Well better late than never!

"Thank you, General." Julian smiled.  "I shall enjoy this.  Would you like a glass?" 

((And I’m even later.  I need to mark time out to check my Tumblr askboxes (and not just rely on that number appearing) more often).

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The lyrics to Jerusalem (or “Job Rules Allow”), according to the youtube closed captions. Click on the individual screencaps for the actual lyrics.

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The beginning of Jerusalem, according to YouTube. A continuation of the scene posted yesterday.

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favorite scifi series with poc as main characters

3/? scifi favorites

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Alexander Siddig will be Doran Martell in Game of Thrones season 5 :D Julian Bashir in Westeros - best thing ever :D

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