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Alexander Siddig will be Doran Martell in Game of Thrones season 5 :D Julian Bashir in Westeros - best thing ever :D

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Today I wanted some sparkle.

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Koloth, Kang and Kor: the Dahar Masters.

I will not die before you, you thunderous bulk!
 - Koloth's dying words
It is a good day to die.
 - Kang's dying words
Long live the Empire.
 - Kor's last words, as he departs for his final mission.

[Played by John Colicos, Michael Ansara and William Campbell. The actors, like the Klingons they played, are now departed, but their legacy lives on.]

#spoilers #ds9 spoilers

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It was a great day at the Kennedy Space Center

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Composite of the Apollo 11 liftoff.

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When Sir Patrick Stewart played the lead role in the 2nd ‘Star Trek’ series, it was the 1st time we finally got a realistic captain of a starship. Not someone just there because they fitted the Tv stereotype of an everyday, run-of-the-mill, standardised actor playing a leading role. What a breath of fresh air!  An unlike many on Tv, he can properly act. He is from Yorkshire, in north England, though lost his northern accent while learning to become an actor. Though ironically, his voice is what makes his dialogue delivery standout from other actors. 


Also starring in TNG, alongside Captain Picard, was Marina Sirtis who played Deanna Troi, an who is from north London, England. Though I loved the undertone of feistiness behind her portrayal, I loved more the exotic accent she created for her role. She’s also been in other Sci-Fi shows like Stargate, The Outer Limits, Earth Final Conflict, an Trek series Voyager.


Though born abroad to an English mother, Alexander Siddig grew up southern England, an so acquired the local accent - though he often plays roles from various nations. In the 3rd Trek series ~ Deep Space 9, he played Dr.Bashir, but with an posh accent that few actually have in England. Though it did fit the character really well, an which he grew into during this series 7 year run.


Dominic Keating played Lieutenant Malcolm Reed from the 5th trek series ‘Enterprise’. He played his character with spirit an tenacity. He also had a light-gravelly accent, which made his vocal delivery one of charisma and warmth. He is from Leicester city in northern England - like the Hobbits dwarf King Richard Armitage ! 


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//Two years ago today I met jonnyarcher/askbashir then askmilesobrien/itsporthos back on my old B’Elanna Torres sideblog (which I remade into a main blog a few days later). Me finding Kuka and Ana’s blogs led to so much fun and so many lasting friendship. There has been some sad moments and issues, but I don’t regret a thing. So. Happy anniversary gals! 

Happy (belated) Anniversary!!

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