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A group of Bajoran Actors heard today was Shakespeare’s birthday and have decided to put on a impromptu version of Much Ado About Nothing.  

I’m not sure if I’m going to see how amusing this is going to be (as the play itself is hilarious and because there hasn’t been much notice) or because Kira basically glared at me till I said I would go.  Apparently my keeping to myself in the infirmary has gotten noticed by my friends.

Maisie basically told me if I didn’t leave the infirmary the nurses would revolt and tie me to one of those sliding chairs and hand me off to whoever was first at the door.

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alexander siddig is cuddled by avery brooks and then gets excited about seeing terry farrell for the first time in 3 months

from this charmingly 90’s e! documentary (x)

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"You know, I find people with great honesty, bodily, physical honesty, who sit just the way they like to sit, and walk the way they like to walk, and don’t come into a room all pumped up, I find them elegant."

~ Alexander Siddig (aka “Sid”).

Methinks he could be talking about himself!

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6x25 “The Sound of Her Voice”

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Bashir & O’Brien’s Excellent Adventure

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Sisko says Bashir has done something reasonably helpful and, since it is only season two and he is still ridiculously eager to please, he lights up like a Christmas tree. 

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You can’t go through life trying to avoid getting a broken heart. If you do, it’ll break from loneliness anyway.
Dr. Julian Bashir
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